Enjoy Fine Art on a Trip to AVA Gallery and Art Center

Source: AVA Gallery

Viewing art is a great way to stimulate creative thinking, so why not feast your eyes upon the many masterpieces housed inside the AVA Gallery and Art Center? Located at 11 Bank Street, this is one of the top attractions near our apartments in Lebanon. Described as a "hidden joy" by many, it is a place for people of all ages to express their … [Read more...]

Head Over to Dartmouth to Join in On the Hood Museum Holiday Party


Winter is a time when people spread the festive cheer at holiday events, so why not join friends and family at the Hood Museum Holiday Party? Commencing on Wednesday, December 3, it will take place inside Hood Museum, which sits a short distance from our apartments near Dartmouth on 4 East Wheelock Street. Dating back to 1772, this historic building … [Read more...]

Ideas to Bring in the New Year in Your Lebanon Apartment

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Are you celebrating New Years at your Timberwood Commons apartment? The right decorations can make your party even livelier and more memorable. Here are a few DIY decorating ideas to consider using on the big night. Use a gold or silver paint pen to draw fun patterns on clear glasses. Display them on a shelf of table for instant decor, or let your … [Read more...]

Grab some Friends and Enjoy the “Night Before the Night Before”

Grab some Friends and Enjoy the Night Before the Night Before

Few holiday events in Woodstock promise as much fun and entertainment as the Night Before the Night Before. Scheduled for Tuesday, December 23rd, this public event lets you get the holidays off to an early start with plenty of great beer, delicious burgers and even a silent auction. The Night Before the Night Before is presented by the Worthy Kitchen … [Read more...]

Add Some Games to Your Upper Valley Holiday Party

Add Some Games to Your Upper Valley Holiday Party

If you want to throw the holiday party that keeps guests talking for months, including some fun activities is key. Games will get the energy flowing and inspire great conversation, so everyone has a great time. Here are a few holiday party games to consider including in your celebrations: Two Truths and a Lie To play this simple game, a player says two … [Read more...]