How to maximize space in your Timberwood studio apartment


Maximizing space in a home is essential in a studio apartment. Studios, while efficient, can easily become overwhelmed. If you're looking at ideas on how to save space in studio apartments in Lebanon NH, try of few of these suggestions: Make zones - Design layout gurus have put together many excellent ideas for creating zones in a small space. … [Read more...]

How to utilize patterns in your apartment


When your apartment design ideas aren't flowing like they used to, it's time to get out of your comfort zone. If you're looking to bring new life into an apartment, try decorating with patterns and see what you can create. Add life to a neutral space Bring in some energy to a neutral space without even adding color with a diamond design on a rug … [Read more...]

Natural DIY Cleaners Just in Time for Spring Cleaning

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Green apartment living is gaining in popularity. There's something nice about taking care of your space while also helping to keep the environment safe. Current research has shown that many cleaners are not safe for the overall ecosystem, whether it's the harsh chemicals or over-disinfects that could lead to harm to the planet. A good way to avoid … [Read more...]

3 Ways to refresh a Bathroom this Season

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Spring is more than just cleaning. It's also a time you can refresh decor and add a new look to a room in your house. If you're looking for a fun project, here are three apartment bathroom decorating tips that will help you revitalize an area that many don't think about. Get a new shower curtain: It seems so simple really, but it can completely … [Read more...]

How to make sure a Dishwasher is Running Properly

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Do you feel like your dishwasher isn't working quite right? Are the dishes not as shiny as they used to be? Dishwashers, like any other appliance, benefit from some maintenance. Here are some apartment living tips that will help you improve the output of your dishwasher: To prevent dishwasher buildup and dingier results, don't just scrape your … [Read more...]