How to make sure a Dishwasher is Running Properly

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Do you feel like your dishwasher isn't working quite right? Are the dishes not as shiny as they used to be? Dishwashers, like any other appliance, benefit from some maintenance. Here are some apartment living tips that will help you improve the output of your dishwasher: To prevent dishwasher buildup and dingier results, don't just scrape your … [Read more...]

Basic tips on growing herbs indoors

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Did you know it's not hard to grow fresh, delicious herbs indoors? You can season your food with the best ingredients and add a beautiful decor element to your home at the same time. All you need to get started are a few basic herb growing tips: Find bright sunlight -- Your herbs will flourish best in a good amount of light. Find a windowsill or … [Read more...]

Start a Patio Garden with an Indoor Compost Bin

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Compost is plays an important role in the garden. Even though you don't have the traditional house and yard, you may be surprised to learn you can still make compost and use it to grow plants. Here's how a brief overview on how to create a compost bin in your home this spring: First, you'll want to begin by choosing a compost bin for your home. … [Read more...]

Pet Ownership 101: Essential supplies for a kitten

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If you have a pet friendly apartment in Lebanon, you may be looking into getting a new kitten. Kittens are loving and entertaining companions, but they don't come free of work. There are a few pet essential supplies you'll want to have on hand before you bring your new pet home: Food - A healthy, kitten-oriented formula will be best for your … [Read more...]

Notable Historic Landmarks In Lebanon, NH

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With the most beautifully-appointed apartments in Lebanon, NH, Timberwood Commons allows residents to enjoy the elegance of yesteryear with features such as high ceilings and a community garden. If you truly wish to visit the past, explore Lebanon’s historic Colburn Park District.  More than two dozen churches, houses, and public buildings allow you to … [Read more...]