Add Some Unique Bubbly to Your Upper Valley NYE Party


Don’t miss out on the best holiday drinks and mixes - instead, easily whip them up for you and your friends. Here are few drinks to keep in mind if you are planning a New Year's Eve party: Stoli Mixed Beri Belini- Sweet and fruity and sure to please. Uses Stoli, Champagne, and fruit. Sparking Cinnamon Apple- Tangy and powerful, sure to be a hit. … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Bedrooms at Timberwood Commons More Spacious


Do you ever wake up feeling claustrophobic, like your seemingly tiny bedroom is closing in on you? Though, your bedroom at Timberwood Commons may not be small, in size, excessive clutter and furniture can make a room feel cramped. If this sounds familiar, here are some ideas you may enjoy using inside your apartment in Lebanon NH. Kick the clutter to the … [Read more...]

4 Wreaths you can create this Holiday Season


Get into the holiday spirit by making your own wreath. It is easy to do, and you can customize your project to your liking. Listed below are some festive DIY wreaths to help you get started. A Birchwood Wreath will add a contemporary touch to your holiday decor. The white wood evokes the winter season, while a red ribbon adds a dash of festive … [Read more...]

Have a Taste of Japanese? Try Yama Restaurant


Fancy a bite to eat near your Lebanon, NH apartment? If so, pick up your chopsticks and dive into a Japanese feast at the Yama Restaurant! You can find this business on 96 Main Street. Specializing in Japanese and Korean cuisine, it is ranked number one of 58 restaurants in the city on the TripAdvisor website. Take-out and catering is available at … [Read more...]

Enjoy Fine Art on a Trip to AVA Gallery and Art Center

Source: AVA Gallery

Viewing art is a great way to stimulate creative thinking, so why not feast your eyes upon the many masterpieces housed inside the AVA Gallery and Art Center? Located at 11 Bank Street, this is one of the top attractions near our apartments in Lebanon. Described as a "hidden joy" by many, it is a place for people of all ages to express their … [Read more...]